Rowett's Corner - A different take on the latest happenings in the world of sport. From Tom Brady to whether England would have performed better at the World Cup by playing the Burnley XI. The madness of the Birmingham edition, applied to a wider stage.

"Excellent, and I agree" - @thespecialron 

"Nonsense, but it made me laugh." - @nyebeverage 

The Garden of Whispers - An exciting new blog looking at the philosophical, political and sociological issues in the world of Game of Thrones.  Is Baelish a working class hero?  Would the Lannisters be decked out in Hollister hoodies and attend Leeds University if they were of our world? Is the hated Janos Slynt the true hero of the wall? Is slavery ever justifiable? If you love George RR Martins rich fantasy world, you'll enjoy The Garden of Whispers blog.

"A really enjoyable read." - @thepiquasso 

"Somehow insightful, inflammatory, nonsense and fantastic all at the same time."

 - @jimmy_s_oldham 

"This is now my favourite thing on the internet Ser." 

 - @thehbomb87

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