Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Problem with this Norwich Malarky

Hughton hasn't gone anywhere yet.  It's best to delay the mass outpouring of anger and bewilderment until you see the gruesome news sliding across the Sky Sports News ticker.

But tonight there is a frenzy of online hysteria relating to speculation that our Chris might have abandoned ship - and it's mainly come about due to the riddle-like tweets of local journalists - who usually get these things right.

The other caveat is that by screaming obscenities and turning on Hughton you might, indirectly, force him into exiting the club. Like when those crazed husbands push their lovers into affairs because of 'trust issues'. Don't whip up a hateful campaign before the guy's even come to a decision.

But let's ignore all of the above and work on the basis Hughton is going to go to Norwich...

Why? Why would you go to Norwich?

Norwich are a small town club in the middle of nowhere, owned by a relatively poor TV chef. There is a definite ceiling to their ambitions. What could they realistically achieve? Mid-table in the Premiership? A lengthy league cup run? 

That's about it.

Compare and contrast with Birmingham. A team that plays in the nation's 2nd biggest city. A city with 2 million people in and around it, a huge customer market; fantastic infrastructure; limitless facilities and business opportunities; unrivalled transport links and on the verge of high speed rail to London boosting the local economy  - Norwich doesn't even have a motorway.

As a result of this beneficial location, Birmingham will always be attractive for serious investors around the globe. Like pre-Sheikh Manchester City, Blues are one billionaire owner away from posing some serious questions in football.

Norwich as a base just doesn't have that pull...

It's no insult, it's just true. Big city clubs are more attractive for wealthy owners.

Ok then, maybe Hughton would forgo potential because Norwich are in a better position at the moment.

Are they?

They're a newly promoted club who survived in their first season but their best player has just handed in a transfer request; they're about to embark on the dreaded 'second season' and they lack the financial clout to make certain another survival. They'll be amongst the bookies' favourites for relegation next year.

Let's be frank. They aren't Manchester United. It's not an obvious career progression.

And Blues? Though we momentarily can't buy players, there's a strong argument that we could get promoted with the squad we currently have anyway [given we came so close last season despite playing 5 times a week].

Blues could quite feasibly leapfrog Norwich in 12 months.

Maybe then Norwich are offering Hughton more money.

If that's the case then Hughton will have gone down in most people's eyes.  Fans expect Hughton to be loyal because he comes across as a moral man with principles. He used to write for the Socialist Worker apparently, and has time and time again talked about Birmingham being a working class club with proper supporters.

He's hardly a Simon Jordan-esque callous yuppie, moving from club to club cackling and rubbing money on his chest. 
He comes across as a man with integrity. 

Surely repaying the fans' love and adulation from last season; showing some loyalty; overseeing your own tightly-knit side fighting to promotion is a greater source of pride for Hughton than taking the fast buck with the East Anglians and watching them lose every week before limping to relegation?

Go and ask Roger Johnson or Scott Dann if a short-sighted, quick-fire move to the Premiership is worth shitting on your legacy. 

The grass isn't always greener on the other side Chris. You'd do well to remember that.


  1. Just a clear a few points up. Firstly this second season syndrome. It does not exist so I wish people would stop going on about. Since the start of the premier league only 5 clubs have been relegated in their second season league. That's a lot less than the amount that have gone down in their first.

    Secondly I think you are doing norwich a bit of a diservice. People outside norwich and Norfolk clearly do not understand the potential of the club and the fan base. We were selling out every single week in league, with all season tickets being sold. There is a waiting list for season tickets which has been there for years now and the biggest complaint the club get is that people can not come watch us. Therefore plans are already in place to increase the capacity to 35,000 which the club will sell out weekly.

    Finally our best player wants to leave. Yes it does seem that way and most fans are shocked and disappointed in grant. However let's not kid ourselves. He is 31 now so if we were to pick up £5 say it might be good business for the club. Many will dispute if he is our best player anyway. Howson, pilkington, hoolahan, ruddy and Bennett could all easily claim that place.

    Birmingham is a club with massive potential too, don't get me wrong. But norwich is a club going places and we have not reached our ceiling as yet. Good luck blues. Never had a problem with you guys after the brilliant atmosphere we created at cardiff despite the result for us

  2. Basic facts omitted. Norwich is a club free from external debt. Norwich have 21000 season ticket holders & a waiting list. Incidentally, when relegated to league 1, Norwich had 20,000 season tickets (which was the maximum then).

    All this small town stuff highlights a real lack of knowledge.

  3. To the above comments........... well yes you would get high attendances, there's only you and norwich within 50 miles to support! Plus theres more than a few affluent types living that way to afford season tickets

  4. ....... 'ipswich' even not norwich!!

  5. hahahaha cheers for this mate, really made me laugh during lunch

    "As a result of this beneficial location, Birmingham will always be attractive for serious investors around the globe. Like pre-Sheikh Manchester City, Blues are one billionaire owner away from posing some serious questions in football."

  6. Ignorant blog post from someone who is clearly deluded to think that Blues are such a massive club compared to little old Norwich. There isn't much between us in terms of size in fact I believe Norwich will have consistently had bigger crowds over the last 10 years. Classic case of a club who lives in the huge shadow of Villa with fans that think they are big! Definitely not the case hence why we have just pinched your manager!

    1. Maybe you should have read the blog properly........ or do you not know how to read in the arse end of the country!! Where does it say we are a massive club??
      Clearly you don't know any blues fans or you wouldn't accuse our fans of thinking we are a big club at present, also 'the huge shadow of villa'?! yes because they have had a fantastic couple of years haven't they........ at least we have had an interesting time of things.
      I suggest if you are going to leave a comment in future you should actually read the content of it rather than....... or better yet piss off back to your own blogs, as a club as big as yours (sarcasm very much intended) should have plenty of content to read and comment on.!!!