Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blackpool brave late Brum Blitz

BLACKPOOL made hard work of finishing their play off tie with Birmingham in a tempestuous and hostile night in the second city. Despite leading 3-0 on aggregate, the donkeys had to endure a hoof-biting final few minutes as Birmingham fought back twice to reduce Blackpool's lead to just one Colin Doyle error.

The Oranges took an unlikely lead in the first half as much-lauded Scot 'Chris Burke' switched off on the back post, leaving the much-lauded Scot 'Dobbie' with the time and space to jab the ball past the chuckling Doyle. 

The hordes of Donkeys fans in the John Merrick stand were incredulous, delaying their celebrations until witnessing Don Goodman in the skysports' commentary box banging the glass and dancing with impish glee. Blackpool were definitely 1-0 up. And now the Donkeys fans could commence their revelry.

Unfortunately the staff at 'A Voice in the Wind' left the ground at this point, so...but apparently the Oranges doubled their advantage and trebled their aggregate score with a quick-fire second just after half time.

Now the silent Houghton got his fingers out of his arse and got Birmingham playing. Birmingham were reported to have struck back twice, making the overall score 2-3 to the Donkeys.

Too little, too late.

Blackpool will go to Wembley and face West Ham United in the final of the playoffs to compete for a place in the Barclay Card Premiership.

Birmingham will ponder what might have been.  They'd been undone by goalkeeping howlers and inferiority in the middle of midfield. Yet their fat fans despise Myhill and Fahey - the antidote to these two troublesome areas.

Birmingham fans must get over their hate of Myhill and Fahey if they are to come back next season stronger.

Blackpool meanwhile march onwards to London. 

The play off tie had been billed as the mavericks of Blackpool versus the stoics of Birmingham and as the mavericks walked off into the sunset victorious, negative Houghton must have realised his folly in employing spoiler tactics at Bloomfield road.

For if you park the bus too often, you end up forgetting that buses.....are supposed

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